Great Keppel Island Research Centre

The GKI Resort includes the establishment of the first specialised Research Centre in the Keppels. The GKI Research Centre will be used to conduct research programs and conservation activities on the Island and within the marine park, monitor fringing coral communities and facilitate student research activities.

Students from local schools and universities will have access to the facility to advance their learning through practical application. The GKI Research Centre will be available for scientists, government departments and other interested parties.

The GKI Research Centre will also make accommodation available for visiting scientists and will provide a venue for environmental symposiums. The Centre will be an important asset to the community of Central Queensland and will be a vital tool for the future management of the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef. It will bring the following benefits to the region:

  • A dedicated research centre for the Great Barrier Reef including the delivery of conservation and monitoring programs specifically for the Southern Great Barrier Reef to ensure its health and wellbeing is maintained;
  • An education facility for local students and universities to expand their knowledge through practical application;
  • Hub for scientists and various other interested stakeholders; and
  • Partnerships with other research centres.

Research Centre Great Keppel Island

A digital image of the Great Keppel Island Research Centre

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